Monday, September 24, 2007

The Women, by Clare Boothe Luce

I’m proud to announce that we’re supporting the new ACT Theatre production, The Women, by Clare Boothe Luce (Running October 11 to November 18).

It’s exciting to see a play with so many juicy parts for women. And look closely at their nails, because they’ll be manicured at Julep!

We’ve been busy over the past month finding and welcoming aboard 3 amazing new vernisseurs to our team (welcome Jessica, Shannon and Ali!).

We’ve also added new, even more comfortable foot rests, and are in the process of integrating memory foam into our seating.

Somehow, the past month has seemed busier to me than any of the other. Partly, it’s the balancing of strategic work (Where should the next locations be? How will we pay for them?) with the day to day (should we test out the more efficient European waffle weave towels?). Partly, it’s the back to school season since we have two young kids.

So if I have my sweat pants on backwards (as I did all day Saturday!) please cut me some slack.