Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gig Harbor - From The Beginning

We have VERY high ceilings at Gig Harbor - which is why Tom suggested a mezzanine. Our first 2nd floor at Julep! So I have to admit, I am cheating - Kate sent me these photos 3 weeks ago . . . but I thought it was fun to post belatedly to give you a sense of the beginning of Gig Harbor Julep. I'm really excited to share Julep beyond Seattle!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Anniversary

So I'm finally getting the pics from our 1 Year Anniversary / Downtown Parlor Opening Party up - because I've just realized I should try to do this at least before we get to our next milestone of having Gig Harbor open (which is just right around the corner!).

Thanks Margot for throwing such a yummy, fun, festive event - just what we all needed!

I've never been very good at pausing to celebrate my own progress - I am much better about it for others. Being a parent helps - I'm much better at recogizing and celebrating milestones with my children than I am at recognizing and celebrating my own.

But what I've realized is that it is selfish not to pause to be proud of all we've accomplished - because I should not be modest on behalf of the hard work of others. I did not do this alone, so I have no right to be modest alone. All of us (including myself) who have worked so hard should be shouting our accomplishments from the mountaintops. Or at the least from obscure blogs that only a dedicated mother-in-law could love and read with regularity.

Hooray US!!! A continued happy anniversiary everyone, and here's to many, many more.


Here are our beautiful Parlor Managers . . . and our beautiful Parlor Managers to be . . .

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gel Buste Sulimant Effet Tenseur

I haven’t written much over the past month – mainly because I’ve been struggling earnestly, and somewhat painfully, with growing and being better in my role – which has had the unfortunate side effect of causing a general sense of humor failure.

All of this was cured miraculously this morning when I went to grab my Decleor moisturizer sample that Trish, our Decleor rep, gave me last week. She said she had the perfect thing for me – just what I needed. And what I needed this morning was a little pick me up. Coffee and a burst of essential oils seemed to be just the thing.

But the moisturizer was a little more gel-like than I remembered. After rubbing it all over my face, I picked it up to read the instructions, which started innocently enough with: “Apply using circular movements” but, rather unexpectedly, ended with: “. . . avoiding the nipple area.”

I read it 3 times. Was this one of those strange translation errors you see when traveling abroad, like: “Teeth extracted by latest Methodists” or “It is recommendations leave your values at the front door.”

Nope. Turning the bottle over, I realized that I had doused my face with “Perfect Scupt: Gel Buste Sulimant Effet Tenseur” or “Bust Beautifying Toning Gel.”

Hmm. The “perfect” thing for me.

Yes, I have birthed two children, and, as Murphy Brown once said to Quantum Leap guy, “Contents may have shifted during flight.”

But really. I mean. Really.

On the bright side, my “C” cup cheeks have never been perkier.