Friday, November 27, 2009


I love Thanksgiving, and not just because of my husband's bourbon gravy and mini pumpkin pies decorated like turkeys.

Being grateful is so powerful and energizing. I'm fully addicted to the feeling.

Perhaps in part because I have so much to be grateful for. In no particular order:

- I'm grateful to work in such a great industry - to be able to support and pamper women
- I'm grateful for our guests, and especially our members, who make our work worthwhile
- I'm grateful to work with such a caring, dedicated and passionate team
- I'm grateful for all the help from our extended team of PR, computer support, investors, and advisors who make such a huge difference everyday
- I'm grateful to have the oppportunity to lead Julep
- I'm grateful to be hopeful about the economy improving
- I'm grateful that more bottles of our sparkly red Marilyn are on their way to us
- Most importantly, I'm grateful for my fabulous friends and famiy

As we were counting our blessings around the Thanksgiving table, my five-year old said that she was thankful for "a family that loves me so much and that is going to give me so much American Girl doll stuff for Christmas."

But I hope she grows up to know that the real gift is the ability and opportunity to love others, and share American Girl stuff with them. But I guess pre-emptive gratitutde for desired Christmas presents is as good a place to start as any . . . ??