Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A possibly big idea - or just salami

I think I've had a REALLY IMPORTANT idea tonight as I'm sitting here eating salami & drinnking wine with Letterman on in the background.

I'm not sure, of course. Sometimes I think I've had a BIG IDEA only to find in the morning that what I really have is salami stomach (and salami thighs).

One of the things I love about my job is the ability to bring all of me to work - the part that cares about people and is interested in their stories, the part that loves spreadsheets, the part that loves bouncing around ideas with others and running with the ball over late night television.

If we end up moving down the path of this (possibly) BIG IDEA I will let you know what it is. For now I've just emailed it to Kate, Mike & Margot and I'm so impatient for what they have to say that I can't get to sleep.

Are we going to the moon - or just munching on salami? Or both? Or somewhere in between?

Salami was from Salumi, by the way. YUM.