Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Beauty as a profession

I've never worked with an architect before starting Julep, but now that I have, I can see why some people are in a perpetual state of remodeling / rebuilding.

I love working with my architect. I love being able to talk about beauty seriously and make decisions that can bring something uniquely beautiful into the world.

I knew that Tom (Maul) and his partner Rob (Hutchison) were truly disciples of beauty when I heard that they spent hours drilling what looks like thousands of holes into Rob's old garage to pay tribute to the building's life before they tore it down. ( to see their work). The Seattle Times called it, "Shafts of light searing the darkness, a Swiss cheese of a cottage. A Darth Vader highway of light sabers" (they had plugged the holes with acrylic pipes). Tom and Rob called it "Hole House 2".

Tom can make fire come out of stone (and fit it into Julep's back wall). He can make mint leaves grow on domes of light. He will even find a way to make my paraffin dip warmer an object d'art (okay, maybe the last one is a stretch).
Better yet, we're seriously under budget so far because of his early and clear communication of his perceptive ideas, and the lessons I learned about making and sticking to decisiosn from my addiction to the H&G channel show, Opening Soon by Design (a reality show about opening new retail stores! Go figure! My life must be glamorous if there's a TV show about it!,2498,FINE_23516,00.html).
The very best thing about my entrepreneurial experience so far is how much fun it is to work with amazing, fun, smart, and dedicated people who share a genuine enthusiasm for this new venture. Hopefully, by writing it here I'll remember to carry this wonder and gratitude around with me during the gloomier moments.