Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes

I don’t know why I love the Golden Globes so much.

It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s really just a bad work party on TV. Maybe BECAUSE it’s a really just a bad work party on TV. Where some celebrities might drink just a little too much (Ryan Phillippe, 2006), and others might be caught looking a little bored (Angelina Jolie, 2007).

Celebrities, they’re just like us! They struggle to make small talk with their work friends and nemeses. They sit politely through a mass-produced, rubbery chicken dinners. They walk the fine line between drinking enough to make the evening tolerable, but not too much so that you end up doing something embarrassing in front of everyone you work with. And the rest of America.

But mostly the whole thing is just so pretty. Since Tom and Katie can’t get married every year, it’s nice to have another venue for seeing a cross-section (TV, movies, music) of celebrities in their finery.

So I noticed a lot of sophisticated nude polish on celebrity hands this year. Sheryl Crow, Felicity Huffman, The Three Jennifers (Garner, Lopez, Love Hewitt), Helen Mirin, Toni Collette, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, almost every leading lady was beautiful in buff – on their hands and(for the most part) on lips too.

Kate Winslet and Jennifer Hudson were the notable exceptions – with the short, dark dark nails that I’m still clinging to. Not bad to be in company like that . . . If I was the last woman standing with Nicolette Sheridan and Britney Spears I’d be more worried.

But it looks like 2007 will be more sheer and nude on the hands. Which is great news for busy women who are washing dishes or wacking on keyboards, since nudes hide chipping and look neat for much longer than darker polishes.

By the way, how fabulous is Meryl Streep. So smart, genuinely gracious, funny, self-aware and supportive of other women. And I love America Ferrera. Also extraordinarily articulate, thoughtful, and sweet. I would drive across country with either of them.