Sunday, March 18, 2007


It’s happening. It's really happening. Construction starts on March 26, and I have a lease that’s FINALLY finalized and in the process of being signed (I know, I know, not perfect timing, or exactly perfect timing, depending on how you look at it).

Karri, our Director of Education and Lead Vernisseur started on payroll this week, as Julep’s first official paid employee.

These movements towards the concrete are thrilling – in that 99% exciting, but 1% Depends-requiring, terrifying way.

This week we are:
- Ordering the ergonomic seating for our vernisseurs
- Finalizing our product line up direction
- Finalizing our menu
- Going to visit local beauty schools to ramp up recruiting
- Finishing up writing the content for our website
- Putting our want ads in Craig’s List, The Stranger, and other local pubs
- Finalizing our POS/online scheduling solution decision (to start configuration next week)
- Meeting with an accountant to figure out what tax forms I need to file
- Meeting with a book keeper to set up Quicken
- Finalizing the graphics for my store signage
- Trying to figure out how to get our graphics made into a stencil that we can use for the store front as well as these custom light drums we’re building (to enable our vernisseurs to have great, movable task lighting)
- Sending our graphics to our nail polish manufacturer and finalizing color selection

I’m also:
- Taking my son (five months late) to his five year old check up (my goal was to take him in closer to his fifth birthday than his sixth)
- Getting the dents pulled out of my car (my resolution to get my household in order before we open the store)
- Going to the social security office to finally fix the incorrect birth date they have for me in my file (which gums up our online filing)
- Trying to figure out what, if any, summer camps we’re signing our son up for

I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing it here, but if construction starts on March 26, we should be done by May 18, and open by May 23.

That’s only 67 days away. And counting . . .