Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Starting construction

It's official. We started construction this week at 5001 25th Ave NE (across the street from University Village). Our spot is street facing - the middle storefront (in between a Verizon Wireless and Fondi, a brick-oven pizzaria). There's also a Dessert Sun, a Rooster's Coffee, an Emerald City Smoothie, a dentist's office, a pediatrician's office and ob/gyn in the Northcut Landing complex.

It's beyond exciting to see the walls start going up, as they did today. On Monday, they were just red chalk drawings on the ground (some of which we ended up erasing (like the door to the back office) and some of which we ended up changing and moving (the front counter). Today, the drywall and metal framing went up.

I'm also excited to report that our "ugly ducts" have grown into swans. Here's the before picture (taking our 12 ft ceilings down to 8ft):

And here's the after:

8 weeks and counting!