Monday, April 2, 2007

What it takes to move a duct (again)

The build out of a 1380 square foot retail space is more intricate than I ever imagined.

It seems like every time we put something up (the electrical panel, or the HVAC unit), we realize that something else has to move or disappear (the door to the back office, the second air duct, respectively).

And something like relocating an airduct is more complicated and takes more phone calls to arrange than I had ever imagined.

When the HVAC installer told Kirk, the superintendent, that the HVAC unit would interfere with the proposed path of the duct, Kirk called my project manager, Mitch, who called my architect Tom, who called me with a proposed solution.

Then I called the landlord, Pete, and his property manager, Connie, to let them know what we wanted to do. Of course, I called both Tom and Mitch back after that to let them know I had left messages describing the situation for Pete and Connie.

The size of this phone tree is comparable to the sophisticated communications systems required to get dates to a high school dance.

But we're now entering Week 2 of construction. At the end of this week, we should be 1/4 of the way done.