Monday, April 16, 2007

Week 4 of Construction

We're almost halfway through construction!

Things I'm happy about today:

1) We're starting to get some great resumes! Getting great people is my number one concern right now, so this is a HUGE relief.

2) We've got a lot of RSVPs to our recruiting event this Wednesday. A part of me was worried that we might have ordered a tad too much food for just me and Karri, even though we are both hearty enjoyers of food. . .

3) When I mention Julep to random strangers (as I'm apt to do), several have mentioned that they remember seeing the sign and noticing that it looked different than the average nail salon. (HOORAY!)

4) We've been developing some really amazing lotions that I'm very excited about. This is the first time I've noticed a huge difference in efficacy. These are products that both Karri and I are passionate about and would recommend to everyone.

5) Karri found a great solution for providing individual paraffin treatments that does not require us to use a pot of hot paraffin (messy, and questionable sanitation since each pot of wax is used for up to 20 different guests - this procedure is now banned in Oregon, we understand).

Things I'm sad about today:

1) My lighting fixture estimate apparently did not include the cost of having the mounting plates welded to my ceiling. That's an additional $1000 of cost I wasn't anticipating. How could an estimate that includes installation NOT include the cost of installing the piece that the fixture needs to be attached to? And how long does it take to weld a metal square to another piece of metal anyway??!! ARGHH.

2) It was raining IN the parlor today. Indoors. It's not supposed to do that.

3) My nail polish partner ran $2500 through on my credit card two weeks ago (to silk screen our bottles), but hasn't returned my phone calls since then. I've left messages last Thursday, Friday, and today. On Friday I called his cell, and someone picked up and hung up on me. Three times.

4) I just realized today that I somehow authorized the building of sink fixtures that are only 2 feet off the ground. Somehow, in all the flurry of paper, I read 25 inches and thought that this would be waist high. I've learned that reading 25 inches beside a drawing on a piece of paper is very different from standing in front of 25 inches marked against plumbing being put into the wall. We're now going to have to raise the fixture somehow, maybe by putting a pedastal beneath it (or some other great idea either Paul or Tom will come up with). Or hire really short people. Totally my fault in not reading drawings carefully.

The best thing about this journey is the fun of working with amazing, insightful, and talented people. The worst thing about this journey is needing to rely on sometimes uncommunicative, busy, far away people, many of whom I've never met face to face.