Thursday, April 26, 2007

Penultimate Push

This week we are:

- Scheduling interviews for our vernisseur and esthetician positions (and finding a place to hold them!)
- Painting the walls and ceilings (with environmentally preferable paint)
- Setting up water and electricity (after multiple calls to the city and hours of waiting on hold)
- Making all our final implement/equipment purchases
- Returning the initial vernisseur baskets we chose (which don't fit into any normal sized locker) and buying new vernisseur baskets
- Finding lap blankets
- Reviewing our preliminary PR plan (pulled together by the creative and results-oriented Kari Moe Straley with Marketing Alchemist)
- Starting to configure our POS/scheduling software
- Launching our new website - thanks to Michael Hillard (check on Saturday!) - and please note that e-mails to me might bounce back or be lost in the netherworld between Friday night and Saturday morning
- Writing our "Julep Partner Resources Guide" to support our partners (employees) in achieving the most in their careers with us
- Finalizing our compensation structure
- Finalizing colors for our custom nail polish (Buddy if you're reading this, I hope we're still on track!)
- Setting up a credit card processing account with Bank of America Small Business
- Setting up payroll through Quickbooks Assisted Payroll
- Following up on conversations with prospective investors from the Early Stage Investment Forum last week

Among other things.