Monday, April 9, 2007

Banner is up

Seeing the Julep sign up was one of the most exciting moments of this journey so far. Random passers by will now know about Julep. People who don't even know me, or Karri, Jeanne, Shari, Tom, Ron, Mitch, Paul, Mike, Mike, Jill, Joe or Kirk.

Shari learned a lot more about vinyl signage through this process than she ever wanted to. And when she saw the picture on the teeny tiny screen of my camera, she immediately detected evidence of deviations from her specific directions. It reminded me of how Julia Roberts once said in a magazine that she had huge flaws in her face, but she wasn't going to describe them because her career would be over if others saw her the way she saw herself. So I'm not going to tell you what Shari saw. You can just admire our Oscar winning sign.