Monday, June 25, 2007

Finding Vernisseurs

Over the past few weeks, I've had more than a few people calling for appointments annoyed with us that we're already booked for that day.

"How can you be booked already?!" one woman demanded. "You just opened! I called as soon as I learned about you!"

"I know!" I had to agree. "Isn't it crazy?" But I felt terrible about not being able to accommodate her (because she had no other times that week that would work).

The bottom line is we need more vernisseurs! The seven nail professionals we have are AMAZING, but it turns out that they can only see one guest at a time (go figure!), and we have more guests interested in coming to Julep than the vernisseurs necessary to treat all of them. Especially since Anthony is going away for a two month design internship in New York City at the end of this week.

If you have any ideas for talented, passionate, empathetic people, or how to reach them, please let me know ( One vernisseur had the idea to tap into hairdressers who are also licensed and great at nail treatments for part time work in our busy evening hours.

If you are a talented, passionate and empathetic licensed nail professional reading this right now, please call us at (206) 985-6644. I'd love to be able to talk to you personally to tell you about Julep, and have you experience Julep yourself with a complimentary nail treatment of your choice (please mention VIP-V at the time of booking, and bring proof of your current license).

I was so preoccupied thinking about this issue as I was leaving Julep one night that I wore my apron and wireless telephone headset home. And this is not the discreet model that makes you look like you're crazy and talking to yourself. It's the serious, heavy duty, full-meal deal that leaves it's mark on your hairstyle all day long. But it means that I can answer the phone at anytime, anywhere in the parlor. But apparently not halfway across the city, in my living room, or so I have learned.