Saturday, June 23, 2007


If you are a loyal reader of this blog (e.g. if you are my mother-in-law), you may have noticed that I've been a little light on postings recently.

That is because I've been recovering from the world's longest summer cold, while trying to start-up a business, support all our new employees, and catch passing glimpses of my family whenever possible.

I've been relying on Sudafed to get me through the day - until Safeway decided to cut me off. I was in buying my traditional cocktail of Airborne, Zicam, and Sudafed the other night when the cashier told me that they could no longer sell me Sudafed because I was past my limit.

Dear Safeway, I can truly promise you, I am not making crystal meth. In fact, I have no idea what crystal meth even looks like, or what it does (except I think my friend Ali told me once that many of her inmate clients have lost their teeth over the habit). Oh - would that I had the time for a crystal meth habit.

Instead, I am merely a very busy, very tired, stressed out mom of two who is starting a business (please read below). It seems cruel to take away my decongestants in this time of need.

Surely your demographics tell you that the #1 Sudafed purchasing group are harried women raising germ-infested children?

Please have mercy.