Thursday, August 2, 2007

Virgin Cosmopolitans Anyone?

We were suprised this week with a call from the state liquor control board letting us know that we couldn't serve our "Girls Night Out" complimentary glass of wine anymore. Sorry all. (Perhaps the front page picture of a guest with a glass of wine in her hand in the Seattle PI business section last Saturday alerted them?)

Apparently there was a bill in the State Legislature last year that would have allowed spas / salons (and hopefully parlors like us too!) to serve a complimentary glass of wine to their guests (I was told by the friendly Liquor control lady). But it didn't pass.

After healthcare reform, this is going to be tops on the Julep lobbying list.

All loyal Julep guests, please contact your state representative to demand your right to live in a world with accessible healthcare and a complimentary glass of wine with your pedicure.