Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grand Opening Julep Gig Harbor - July 25, 2008

Opening day! And we were booked with walk-ins! Here's Debbie (Esthetician), Patience (Manager), Monique (Parlor Hostess), Kate (Assistant Manager) and Mary Lee (Operations) at our new front desk!
Jennifer Thuma, you are a genius. We love the front counter displays. Our cuticle oils were made to live on your lovely shelves.
I love how our Gig Harbor location feels like a whole separate building (actually, we only share it with Panera). And the high ceilings are very dramatic. Tom & Kate - I love the firefly lights! the whole space is gorgeous. Tom's idea for the mezzanine was brilliant - we're loving every inch of our new home.
I've kinda been pinching myself the whole week - it's hard to believe we're here - with three parlors open and welcoming guests. The two most thrilling things for me are sharing the passion with our growing Julep team, and having guests leave delighted.
I can't believe it!
Unfortunately, I missed the morning of our Grand Opening because I had to drive down to Olympia to plead our case to the Washington Liquor Control Board. We are applying for a wine license to be able to make it easier for our bridal shower, birthday party, and girlfriends gathering guests to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne with their pedicures and yummy Gourmando appetizers. Everyday, I am doing things for Julep that I never anticipated having to do before in my life. . .
But arriving at Gig Harbor, it was so great to see the energy and enthusiasm (even if it was partially Red Bull induced!).
Lisa and I agree that each immersion we lead together, it just gets easier and better. (Which is why we add additional tasks to her list, like van driver).
I'm so glad to have Patience and Kate at this parlor - I know they are going to do amazing things to welcome the community into Julep.
After Gig Harbor, our goals feel more concrete to me than ever before. This is where Julep is truly leaping off the business plan and into action.