Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jennifer on top of Cate

So I've realized that we can expand our 36 Julep vernis colors to an infinate number if we layer 2 different polish colors. We always do 2 coats of vernis anyway - so now I'm trying to experiment with different variations.

Right now, I'm loving Jennifer (sheer light pink) on top of Cate (opaque neutral beige) - the perfect nude polish for my darker skin.

I was at Gig Harbor today, "helping out" by having Karen practice a Parlor Manicure on me. Yes, it's so hard being me.

Anyway, we tried the Holly (opaque light pink) on top of Hillary (coffee brown), and that didn't work out as well. I had to bail and go straight Hillary, which I had forgotten how much I loved.

Lisa is working on new fall colors - dark neutrals, blues and greys. Stay tuned - more exciting colors and combinations arriving at one of your THREE Julep parlors soon.