Friday, November 14, 2008

Excited about our Girlfriend's Night Out Holiday Parties

Margot has organzied "Girlfriend's Night Out" parties for us next week - one at each of our parlors - and we've been so excited to the ticket purchases happening! Danielle keeps emailing us that someone else has purchased a ticket online! And another two friends! And another three friends!

It's our first time with this type of event, and all of us are so excited! That's why we keep repeating the word "excited"! And using exclamation marks!!

There's something so immediate and gratifying about online invitations. In case you aren't on our mailing list yet (email me at and let me know!) or your invitation didn't make it to your inbox, here are the details below:

Girlfriend's Night Out
& Julep Holiday Kickoff Party

Downtown Seattle - Wednesday 11/19, 5-8pm
University District - Thursday 11/20, 5-9pm
Gig Harbor - Thursday 11/20, 5-8pm

We invite you and your girlfriends to enjoy
wine & cheese while you sample
a favorite Julep mini-service:

Dress your fingers with a mini-manicure in holiday colors
Clean up with a brow design at the brow bar
Warm up your hands with a paraffin wrap

Only at the party:

We'll "top off" your $75 Gift Certificate purchases and
make them $100 each

20% off all future appointments booked this evening

Check out our new party packages and get
20% off your own Julep Party
(when you reserve the date at this event)

Get a sneak peek at our exciting new
"Ready to Delight" Pre-Wrapped Holiday Gifts

Tickets $25

Purchase tickets for this event online at

Space is limited!

Questions? Call 206-818-0607