Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Loving my happy lamp

As I type this blog entry, my eyeballs are being hit with happy light.

Because it is grey and rainy in Seattle. And I'm currently in the process of reading Harry Potter to my kids, which feels grey and rainy too.

Also, the happy lamp distracts my attention away from the flickering of the flourescents in our office (although they do nothing to distract from the buzzing of the same).

I think I'm supposed to sit under it for about 10 minutes, but of course it's already an hour and I'm still here, getting happier. It's just like when I ask our vernisseurs to leave on the glycolic peel for twice as long on me when I get the the Girlfriends' Glycolic Pedicure. Lisa frowns upon this practice, but I have thick, fast growing skin. According to my expert self-diagnosis.