Saturday, February 24, 2007

Executing a simple concept . . .

I started off with what I thought was a simple concept – I wanted to create a place where women could come together to hang out, gather and connect while engaging in the very best, customized manis and pedis.

But in order to enable friends to be able to talk to each other without yelling their most private secrets across the room, we had to custom design new chairs that could move to accommodate parties of 1, 2, 3 or more.

Then we had to custom design pedicure ottomans that worked with the chairs to provide comfortable seating and good ergonomics for our vernisseurs.

Because the ottomans needed to move with the chairs, we couldn’t tie them down to a faucet and drain. So we will have to put sinks on the service floor where our vernisseurs could fill pitchers of water for pedicures. To put the sinks on the floor, we will have to pay for “core drilling” and “structural x-rays”. We will also have to put a sanitizer in the back to sanitize our foot bath bowls.

With so many moving pieces of furniture on the floor (all to facilitate guest bonding), we needed to move the task lighting overhead (this also helped us to avoid tripping over floor lamp cords).

Now I’m trying to figure out an affordable task lighting solution that can move and bend to shine down wherever in our space our guest’s toes choose to be. All while keeping lighting levels a comfortable “living room” level (avoiding the “operating room” feel). And looking beautiful.

But it’s worth all this effort to create a place that I’d be excited about sharing with my mom, sisters, girlfriends, and colleagues.

And I’m just waiting for the lighting company to tell me that I need to ride an elephant across the jungle to find the right materials to build my swivel lighting, which will enable my flexible task lighting, which will enable guests to sit in any configuration they desire, which will enable friends to hang out and chat.