Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hollywood (Toronto) Here We Come

I didn’t watch the Superbowl on Sunday because I spent the day taping an audition video for the HGTV show, “Opening Soon: By Design.” (But I probably wouldn’t have watched the Superbowl anyway).

I wrote about my obsession with “OSBD” (as they call it in the biz) a couple of weeks ago in my blog (it’s a reality show that tracks the exiting world of retail start-ups – from Day 1 of construction through opening day). The morning after I put up that posting, my architects, Tom and Rob, e-mailed me a link to the “casting call” page for the show.

They’ve got to pick us, right? How can anyone have a better story?
- I’m nice!
- My kids are darling. (On the audition video, they make charming suggestions like, “How about black Batman nails?” (my 5 year old son), and “How about Batman PRINCESS nails?” (my 2 year old daughter)).
- We’ve got a spectacular space design!
- We’ve got beautiful, custom designed furniture!
- We’ve got an amazing idea! (Reinventing the glamour and social ritual of the neighborhood beauty parlor)!
- We’ve got loads of dramatic tension! (Most of it being stored in my back until we can release it).
- And did I mention I’m nice?

My friend Shari and her husband Ben and their one year old daughter Caroline and I tooled about Seattle on Sunday, filming our story. Speaking into a video camera (even for a VERY limited audience!) was a lot more awkward than I’d anticipated. But, as awesome girlfriends do, Shari got me through it with her perceptive directing skills.

So we have our fingers crossed. If you know anyone at OSBD (at Red Apple Entertainment in Toronto), please put in a good word for us.