Monday, May 21, 2007

First day of First Ever Immersion Program

This was the most exciting day of this journey so far (but I mentioned to the team that I suspect we'll be having a lot of these record breaking days!). It was amazing to see the people who are going to breathe life into Julep. And I'm excited that the space is worthy of them.
I learned a lot today - everyone seemed so engaged and perceptive and had smart things to say. Of course I can't remember much of it right now because I am deleriously tired.

In the afternoon, Jeanne and Karri led a great discussion about how we can deliver memorably outstanding customer service. Then Jeanne showed everyone how to look at their schedules and customer data online.

It was fun to see Jeanne, who I met first as a fellow mom, in her professional element. She rocks.

This is getting really, really good!