Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Highs and Lows

They said the highs would be higher, the lows would be lower. That turned out to be true (at least so far). But there are MORE of both of them too. I didn't anticipate how many of those higher highs and lower lows could be packed into just a single one day. And the cumulative effect of having a higher high followed by a lower low, followed by a higher high etc. etc. is giving me whiplash.

High: I went to the Shop/07 conference organized by Crave on Monday (Karri had found out about it and signed us up). I invited Shannon Borg from Seattle Magazine, Monica Soto Ouchi from Seattle Times, and Jasmine Moir from Daily Candy to visit Julep when we open. I hope they will come!

Low: The beautiful paprika colored ergonomic chairs we ordered came in the wrong height.

High: But Steven at Keeny's Office Supply, who has been so helpful (even bringing us a sample chair for our recruiting event) got on the problem immediately, and it will be fixed by next week.

Low: Our sign went in, and it was so far back (over our awning), that it was hard to read.

High: But then they moved it, and now it looks fabulous. Forgot to bring my camera with me, but I will today for our site visit and put up more pictures!

High: Jeanne is just rockin' and rollin' with setting up our POS and scheduling software, and now she's taken over buying all of the rest of our hardware and writing huge chunks of the operations manual. The operations side is really her groove. I never realized there were actually 15 steps between a guest walking in the door and starting her service - all of which happen in a matter of seconds. But Jeanne did. Everyday I find more reasons to feel so lucky to have her helping us to build Julep.

And that was just the morning.

Everyday brings unanticipated challenges, but it's also exciting and satisfying to solve them. There is so much to do between now and Monday, when we welcome our first Julep team to our immersion program. No matter how many lists I write, I can't quite figure out how it will all get done, which is where faith comes in. Lately I've been needing a lot of it, and I've been pleasantly surprised to find that I have larger reservoirs than I might have predicted.