Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Interviewing amazing, inspiring people

Karri and I had quite a hectic last two days interviewing 16 candidates back to back in the basement of the friendly Silver Cloud Inn (across the street from Julep).

Not fancy, but the best we could do given that our space is still under construction.
Meeting our interview candidates was such an incredible experience. It's one thing to say that you're looking for passionate people to join the team, but it's another to come face to face with what passion means in this field.

I was particularly surprised at how many people said that the spa pedicure was their favorite service to perform. As a client, I have always been very self-conscious about pedicures. It seems like such a large ask, in many ways. Especially if you have callused feet like mine.

And the word that came up most frequently was "connect." In answer to the question, "what moment in your career are you most proud of?" we heard amazing stories of everyday heroics from the thoughtfulness of anticipating the anxiety of a long-standing client about to throw a large party for her husband, to providing complimentary pedicure services to lift the spirits of cancer patients.

Time and time again, our interview candidates talked about how rewarding it was for them to create a great experience, and to make some difference to their client.

I really learned so much from the past two days. And I am so amazingly proud of just our applicant and offeree pool. If at least some of these incredible people join us, I think we will have the very best nail therapy destination in the country.