Friday, May 18, 2007

The Weekend Before Our Immersion Program

Our lights are in and they're stunning. Bradley and his team at Flux did an amazing job. One of the women from Flux (Ali and Lara, I can't remember which one of you it was!) said that looking at them just made her smile, which is what we were going for (in addition to great, flexible task lighting). Also the shelves went in today - Kirk got them to fit perfectly. And they're beautiful! I can't wait for the rest of our Paul Schulman furniture to arrive (next Tuesday or Wednesday, we believe).
Also Shari (and her daughter Caroline) dropped off our shopping bag, chocolate wrapper, and lotion labels today. They are perfect - colorful, sophisticated, but warm and approachable. Now we've just got to get them affixed somehow.
Here are the "parties" we've got planned over this weekend:
- Put labels on our mint chocolates party (hosted by Karri's mom)
- Put together our manicure tables party (hosted by Anthony)
- Dull our new, oversharp implements party (hosted by Karri)
- Put together our technology party (hosted by Jeanne)
- Assemble our undercounter shelves party (hosted by Karri's Dave)
- Unpack all of our stuff party
- Trip to Home Depot party
And Jeanne's keeping us all on track with her giant post-it note lists on our walls.
Lots to do before Monday.