Friday, May 18, 2007

The Gang's Starting to Arrive!

Here we all are (Lisa, Amy, Anthony, Karri, Jeanne, and me), in our workout clothes, running to Storeables, the restaurant supply store, building furniture, breaking light bulbs, buying more light bulbs, and finding some time to grab lunch on our patio in between.
Everyone has just jumped right in there! It's fun to see how infectious the fun is. I mean, of course I'm having fun. This is what I've been working on late nights for what seems like forever. But I'm just so bowled over by how dedicated Karri and Jeanne are, keeping us on track. (Karri made a hiring call while she was waiting for the report to be written after being rear-ended!). And how Anthony, Amy and Lisa have just fanned out over Seattle, dropping off brochures, collecting beef jerky, and being hit on by smarmy salesguys.
As exciting as it was to see various pieces of the space design come together, that pales in comparison to how exciting it is to see the people come together. The space is definitely better now that we have such wonderful people in it.