Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Permanent Sign is Up!

Here's our permanent sign! Isn't it elegant? It will look even better when we remove the temporary sign so you can see our disc icon behind it.

Today was the first day we worked in our space - we camped out at the reception desk, where we now have high speed internet access, a phone, fax/printer, ice, an instahot, and a bathroom nearby. In short, pure heaven.

While we were building out our immersion program and figuring out logistics for the first few weeks, Amy and Anthony two of our first team of vernisseurs, were out and about dropping of invitations at local shops, buying curtains, bar stools, and stenciling the cloth for our lamps. I handed Anthony five bottles of glossy paint (thinking that was overkill), and expected to see him back in a couple of hours. Five hours later, he was still plugging away, and almost out of paint. What a way to welcome him aboard.

So it turned out to be just a tad more difficult than we had anticipated.

Which is the theme of the week. But I am SOOO excited to see the light fixtures go in tomorrow. I think they will be gorgeous. When you come in, dear reader, please appreciate the beautiful leaf motif on our light drums designed by Ron and executed by Anthony.

In other news, Ali wrote to me that
Paul actually screamed with excitement when he saw how amazing the guest chairs looked with the cushions in them. I can't wait to see all of this come together. It's even harder now that we're so close.

But mostly I'm excited to start working with the full team! It was great before, but today was even better with Anthony and Amy. And Mae (one of the most talented and experienced estheticians in Seattle) has been busy picking out waxing room furniture and building the waxing menu. Tomorrow, Lisa is dropping by to help out, and then next week we have everyone on board.

I can tell that this is just about to get really, really good.