Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last week before "Julep Immersion Program"

We're in the final stretch! This past week, all the plumbing went in (including the faucet above our sink), the blackened steel covering went up around our fireplace, our vernisseur chairs arrived (pictured here in "paprika"), our bathroom was finished, and our appliances arrived.

This coming week we are busy:
- Preparing for our first ever "Julep Immersion Program" - a four day preparation and get to know each other session we'll be holding next Monday through Thursday. Topics include: Our Values & Guiding Principles, Servant-Leadership, Our Unique Products and Services, "Providing Memorably Outstanding Service," Ergonomics of Providing Nail Services, and our Triple Sanitation Policy.
- Buying last minute items: trash bins, undercounter shelving, wine glasses, toys for kids for Mommy Mondays, etc. etc.
- Installing lighting (including stenciling the lampshade cloth).
- Installing all of our appliances, and our flat-screen TV.
- Connecting all of our electronics.
- Sending out our VIP invites.
- Planning our Opening Party.
- Unpacking all of our products and implements.
- Getting our occupancy permit (knock on wood).
Among other things, which I should get to right now instead of just writing about them.